Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Best Way to Perform Energy Healing

In the modern times, it has been observed that people are experiencing a number of mental and physical irregularities. These irregularities slowly and gradually turn into several forms of ailments.

Since the entire emotional, physical, mental and spiritual memories are stored as energy within our bodies, learning to associate with them using healing spirit energy can considerably aid in improving the conditions. The healing spirit energy can eventually help in discovering oneself whilst treating the root cause of anxiety, stress, pain and disease.

energy healing

Guidelines to Perform Energy Healing

A Comfortable Environment… First of all, you need to find a calming place where you can relax and sit devoid of any physical distress or disruption. You can choose to sit on the ground with legs crossed or even in a comfortable chair.
Meditation Environment

Commencing the Meditation… After acquiring a comfortable position, next step is to concentrate for connecting to the Divine spirit. People with different beliefs have different perceptions about the divine spirit, however imagine it as a bright white energy for healing.

Establishing the Flow… Try to establish the immense flow of energy into the body. The energy portals in the body include top center of the head (also called the crown chakra), feet, and the right hand. Imagine that the bright white healing energy is mending with the spirit energy and is entering your body through your crown chakra.

Relax and Visualize… Get rid of any tension or anxiety on the mind and focus on the energy, look for the blockages in your mental, emotional and physical body. Now visualize the white healing energy clearing those blockages.

This practice along with time will increase the decent energetic drone and eventually the over-all divine vibration will also increase healing the mind, spirit and body. Energy Healing Techniques can be employed anytime whether after a long tiring day or when feeling depressed or unwell.

Monday, 20 May 2013

A reverse approach to have positive thoughts

Our thoughts are the origin of our personality. With negative thoughts, we will be inviting negative results whereas positive thoughts will bring about constructive changes into our lives. The whole world around you is within your control but for some reason, many people are not able to figure out how to have positive thoughts. Here is a reverse approach for how to bring in positive thoughts to your mind –

positive thinking

• Make a note of the negative thoughts coming into your mind. Negative thoughts may be like doubting your abilities, blaming yourself, expecting negative results, focusing on negative things, etc. These thoughts may be about yourself or others. Also make a note of what kind of conditions and circumstances trigger these thoughts.

• The next step is to think of how you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. For instance, if you failed to complete a task assigned to you using the conventional way, take it as an opportunity for you to figure out another way of doing it. Practice this positive self talk for every situation that created a negative thought in your mind and try to figure out the optimistic aspect of it.

• Practice this on a daily basis to make it a habit of looking at the positive side of things. You will soon realize a constructive change in your way of thinking. You may also observe a good change in the attitude of others towards you. This is what it means when you say that positive thoughts will bring about positive changes in your life.

• Spend some time meditating, exercising, doing things that you love to do and thinking of how you can improve your health by eating the right food and getting proper rest.

Soon you will realize that the world around you has started changing into a better place to live in.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What keeps you from trying spiritual healing Techniques

Gone are the days when there were two alternatives available to patients suffering from physical and psychological problems which were medicine and yoga. Though the two options still exist but both of them have branched out into a number of procedures letting the patient have more options to choose from. Yoga and other spiritual healing techniques have always been trusted for providing holistic healing even in cases when medicine failed to show effects. These procedures existed even before the period of Christ and have shown miraculous results to individuals suffering from lethal diseases. But often people find it difficult to decide which spiritual healing technique to choose. Here are the two main reasons why it happens –

Spiritual Healing

Reason #1 – Availability of different options in energy healing techniques
Various types of healing techniques are practiced these days such as meditation, Reiki, qigong, crystal energy healing, acupuncture, Pellowah, Tai Chi, etc. The basis of all these techniques is to help the person tune in to the innate healing energy present in him. All of these techniques use different ways to break the blockage and access the source of energy present in individuals and manipulate it for physical as well as emotional healing.  So it can be said that all of these techniques have a common goal while the ways to achieve it are different, thus it doesn’t really matter unless you are getting the desired result.

Reason #2 – Workability of these techniques
We all are different from each other in our own ways. So, different healing techniques may have different results for us. Just because you have tried one of them and unfortunately it hasn’t worked the expected way does not mean that you cannot obtain benefits from any of them. Maybe you need more practice with it or you need to discover another healing technique that works better for you. At least none of them will give you any undesired side effects.

Monday, 11 February 2013

I can’t meditate because…

Almost every one of us is aware of the numerous benefits of meditation but the fact is that very few of us practice it regularly. There can be many reasons behind it for instance, lack of time, lack of knowledge about how to do it and inability to concentrate. Some people also ignore it as there are many misconceptions related to it. For instance, people think that meditation is about being free from all kinds of thoughts. However, the truth is that mediation is about awareness of all the thoughts coming into mind and being fully present in the moment. So here are a few obstacles that keep people away from meditation and its benefits.


Shortage of time – Many of us say that we can’t take out 1 or 2 hours out of our daily schedule to meditate. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to meditate. There are many simple ways to incorporate this activity into your daily routine. Once you know the different ways of doing it, you can meditate whenever you want.

Absence of self-control – Meditation demands a lot of discipline and this is why most of us start exercising or meditating but fail to continue with it for a longer period of time. This is because it is very difficult to understand this divine process until you know the right way of doing it. You can look for institutes that deliver meditation courses and join meditation classes in Melbourne to teach yourself with the right way of doing it.

Getting distracted while meditating – As I already mentioned, meditating is not about getting rid of your thoughts rather it is about being present in the moment, accepting the thoughts as they come into your mind and feel everything around.

All these problems can be eliminated if you know the right way of meditating. So consider joining a meditation course delivered by professional trainers.