Thursday, 14 March 2013

What keeps you from trying spiritual healing Techniques

Gone are the days when there were two alternatives available to patients suffering from physical and psychological problems which were medicine and yoga. Though the two options still exist but both of them have branched out into a number of procedures letting the patient have more options to choose from. Yoga and other spiritual healing techniques have always been trusted for providing holistic healing even in cases when medicine failed to show effects. These procedures existed even before the period of Christ and have shown miraculous results to individuals suffering from lethal diseases. But often people find it difficult to decide which spiritual healing technique to choose. Here are the two main reasons why it happens –

Spiritual Healing

Reason #1 – Availability of different options in energy healing techniques
Various types of healing techniques are practiced these days such as meditation, Reiki, qigong, crystal energy healing, acupuncture, Pellowah, Tai Chi, etc. The basis of all these techniques is to help the person tune in to the innate healing energy present in him. All of these techniques use different ways to break the blockage and access the source of energy present in individuals and manipulate it for physical as well as emotional healing.  So it can be said that all of these techniques have a common goal while the ways to achieve it are different, thus it doesn’t really matter unless you are getting the desired result.

Reason #2 – Workability of these techniques
We all are different from each other in our own ways. So, different healing techniques may have different results for us. Just because you have tried one of them and unfortunately it hasn’t worked the expected way does not mean that you cannot obtain benefits from any of them. Maybe you need more practice with it or you need to discover another healing technique that works better for you. At least none of them will give you any undesired side effects.

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  1. I had a book come into my life about 8 months ago that taught me about meditation, mindfullness and loving kindness and it has literally changed my life. I now handle challenges in much different ways and have been able to connect to and release some very long held emotions that I always thought would take years of therapy. I've noticed that when I bring up to others that are suffering how much meditation can help they become very uncomfertable with the idea of meditation and energy work.